We are a family owned business in Lisle, Illinois that serves the south-west suburban area of Chicago. We sell a wide variety of landscaping and building stone, from flagstone and decorative gravels to thin cut and precast veneer stone. Whether you are planning a patio or a fireplace, if it involves stone, we have you covered.

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It's time to fix up your garden, patio or yard before a long winter... Natural Wisconsin flagstone is the ideal material to use. Available in irregular flagging, chunks or cut for edging and retaining walls, this incredibly durable stone brings out the beauty of your landscaping.

A Patio make with Wisconsin Flagging

Fondulac Flagging

This large irregular shaped flagstone with a smooth natural-cleft surface, runs from 1 to 3 inches in thickness and has a creamy gray, gray, to blue-gray coloration. Ideal for large patios, it is also often used around ponds and in waterfalls and water features.
Photo courtesy of Oakfield Stone Company  

Wisconsin Cut Dry Wall

A natural dolomitic limestone split into 8 inch wide strips for easy stacking. Used for years in retaining walls, garden walls and as borders, its rustic textured surface and buff-gray coloration gives it a natural look that enhances any landscape project.
A Retaining wall make with Wisconsin Cut Dry Wall
  Photo courtesy of FoxChase Landscaping

Large Wisconsin Outcropping Stone in Waterfall

Wisconsin Outcropping Stone

These large irregular slaps of stone are ideal for water features such as waterfalls but get their name from stone bluffs exposed on hillsides. Partially buried in hills or mounds of dirt, the stone “outcrops” from the hillside, mimicking natural stone bluffs and enhancing the natural beauty of your landscaping.
Photo courtesy of Oakfield Stone Company    

Wisconsin Flagstone

Available in multiple shapes, sizes and textures, you are sure to find what you need to bring out the rustic beauty of nature to all of your landscape projects.

Stop in and browse our 2 acre selection of natural stone.
Wisconsin Flagstone Path
  Photo courtesy of FoxChase Landscaping  

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