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Mexican Pebbles

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Mexican Pebbles are a smooth volcanic basalt, water worn to a rounded and polished finish. These pebbles are great for ponds, fish tanks, Japanese gardens, and crafts. Come see our selection and pick the pebbles you like for your project!

Small Mexican Pebbles Medium Mexican Pebbles Large Mexican Pebbles Red Colored Mexican Pebbles
Black 1 to 2 inch Black 2 to 3 inch Black 3 to 5 inch Red 1 to 2 inch

Pebbles Plana

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Pebbles Plana Cobbles Multi-colored granite cobbles from Colorado. This flat cobbles, sometimes referred to as Colorado River Flats are from 3" to 8" in diameter and are great for art projects, garden stones, and water features.

Pebbles Grande

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Pebbles Grande Cobbles Like the Pebble Plana, these cobbles are also flat but run larger, from 6" to 12" in diameter. These are often used in water features and are great for engraved garden stones.
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